A much villified (past & present) former first lady who is too smart to let the "vast" number of right wing Shite Stains and "Christian" GOPers keep her down. Screw their glass ceilings and hopes for a totalitarian state run by OWM (Old White Men).
Hillary Clinton has the support & respect of at least 50% of free thinking Americans and is even more admired abroad. The rest of the can go take a hike. Hillary says... "Bite me!"
viết bởi T Wade 17 Tháng sáu, 2005
Hillary Clinton is quite simply the Anti-Christ. She is an evil socialist bitch with a devious power hungry agenda to take control of this great country and become the first female president. Every thing she does is cold hearted and calculated. She supports such absurd policies as universal health care, tax increases for businesses, and being totally against the Iraq War EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS ONE OF THE SENATORS THAT VOTED TO GO TO WAR BACK IN 2003! Now, according to Hillary, the whole war is George Bush's fault. No mention of the at least 15 U.N. Resolutions that Saddam violated leading up to the war, his genocide of the Kurds, and his war with Iran where he used poison gas, and which costs over a million lives. She is a typical leftist Democrat who blames all the woes of this country on the Republican party and most notably, George W. Bush. If something is wrong, it is most likely George W.'s fault, according to Hillary. If it were possible to blame George Bush for 9-11, Hillary would. Hillary is also the only reason that Bill Clinton got in trouble for fucking his interns. If Hillary would put out once and a while he wouldn't have needed to cheat on her. She even started crying on t.v. during the primaries to pander to women voters. Hillary is also a typical Democrat in that when she loses, she complains, and when she wins, she still complains. There is always something to bitch about. If there is a Republican to blame, they must be at fault. Quite simply, if Hillary is elected president, we are fucked.
"Dude, did you watch the Democratic debates last night? When Obama started pulling ahead in the polls, Hillary Clinton came out in true Anti-Christ form and started crying on T.V. to make people feel sorry for her and get women to vote for her. That bitch is cold and calculated. "
#democrat #republican #anti-christ #bitch #socialist
viết bởi by Yoge and Spanky 23 Tháng hai, 2008
Former First Lady, Current Senator from the great state of New York
November 5th, 2008

viết bởi Alex 23 Tháng tư, 2005
a person who, if things keep going the way they are, will be living in the white house in 2008.
wife of former president clinton
viết bởi LARDY 27 Tháng hai, 2005
New York Senator who will, much to the surprise of bigotrous sexist Right-wing fascists, easily snag the 2008 Democratic nomination, go on to crush the Republican nominee, become an even more effective and successful leader than her husband, and make all the Barry Goldwater disciples finally realize that no, most Americans will never think like them and they need to get over themselves and figure out how to live in mainstream 21st-century American society.
"She whould would make a good President" --John McCain, Republican of Barry Goldwaterland.
viết bởi jo 10 Tháng ba, 2005
Most likely Democratic presidential candidate in 2008. Being completely underestimated and shrugged off as polarizing but actually a formidable opponent. Will have support of almost everyone that voted for Kerry plus more because she can energize the base.
Worst five words to Republicans' ears: Ladies and Gentlemen, Madam President
viết bởi Blue in '08 04 Tháng năm, 2005
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