Eurotrash sixteen year olds who have less than 2% body fat because they use the money that they'd be spending on food to purchase designer clothing.
Vlad: I was gonna take my G/F out to dinner before prom, but we spent all our dough at the Diesel and FCUK stores.
Wade: Dude, you're such a fucken hipster.
viết bởi Hagador 15 Tháng mười, 2005
n. (1) A young or youngish person who, in matters of social, musical, sartorial and professional taste, considers himself or herself to be "post-ironic" (i.e. believes that neither social practices nor social commentaries are worthwhile pursuits) while blowing off the problem that no such thing as an ironic gesture about irony can actually exist. (2) An individual who exhibits outward personal signs of late-capitalist malaise about one's inexorable and total involvement in standard-normative fields of production and consumption.
Hipsters typically exhibit a variety of self-reflexive and tragicomic symptoms, including: Retro fashion / Denial of identity / Embrace of outward poverty while retaining a measure of affluence / Rigid standards of social, professional, and political flexibility / Joyous self-realization in sadness / Personal fulfillment in the realization of non-transcendent gestures
viết bởi guayaqo2 24 Tháng tám, 2008
Half of the students at NYU.

Hipsters are mostly seen hanging around Gallatin, but can be found in Tisch or CAS occassionally as well. Think coffee and Monk's seem to be some of their hangouts, and after midnight on weekends, they swarm St.Mark's.
That guy with the checkered scarf, white v-neck tee shirt he wears every day, black skinny jeans and converses, and his girlfriend with the short hair, side-swept bangs, white and black striped glasses and a bag with a pop art design of Nietsche that you see coming off the L train from Williamsburg with their ipods and their small deli coffee, smoking a fancy cigarette. Those are hipsters.
viết bởi m3grac3 11 Tháng năm, 2008
1. a dilettante with consequential views on fashion

2. a white person on the L train between Union Square and Lorimer

hipsters are found in esoteric music venues jaw dropping to bad music
viết bởi flute727 18 Tháng ba, 2007
I define "hipsters" as poseurs who are immitating people who are actually hip, or at least who they perceive to be hip. A hip person typically has some degree of fashion sense, and a good example of the difference between this and a "hipster" is how a hip person might buy articles of clothing from the Salvation Army because they're cheap and/or unique, whereas a "hipster" would shop at some sort of boutique that sells exclusively fashionable vintage clothing and pay 10 times as much for more or less the same items.

A hip person is cognitive of what styles are fashionable, and finds a style that suits his or her self, but doesn't necessarily have to be wearing exclusively non-mainstream vintage or designer articles. A hipster either copies a hip person, the other hipsters he knows, or whatever he sees in "Vice" magazine. A few fashion items are always acceptible regardless of how much of a poseur you are or aren't: Chuck Taylors, black hoodies, tight pants, etc.

A hip person might look hung over or like they just got out of bed, but if they do, it's because they really are hung over and just got out of bed. A "hipster" might spend considerable effort faking that look by messing up their hair and intentionally wearing wrinkled clothes. A telltale sign of a hipster douchebag is that he or she is clearly "trying" to be fashionable. They often overaccessorize with some sort of scarf, hat, or outlandish shoes, and put a great deal of effort into making sure everything matches.

A hip person most likely is an avid listener of music, but doesn't particularly care how others judge his or her taste. He or she might listen to anything, sometimes including things that were once, or even are currently, mainstream. A "hipster" contrives his or her music collection to be seen by others as cool and "indie". They love vinyl records. Crappy music seems cool to them as long as they listen to it on vinyl, and especially if it's some sort of rare recording that they can be sure no one else they know owns. If you asked a hipster whether he cared if people thought his music collection was cool, he would say "no", but he would be lying. They care.

In fact, the defining trait that seperates legitimate cool people from hipster douchebags is that truly hip people genuinely don't care what other people think of them, or maybe acknowledge it a little bit but don't base their whole persona around it. Hipsters are obsessed with this fact, and build their entire personalities in an effort to make it look like they also don't care. They want, just as much as normal people, to fit in. A really hip person just naturally fits in because he or she has a likable personality and is fun to be around. All hipsters hate other hipsters and consider them to be phonies, and no hipster will ever admit to being one even if they fit all of the stereotypes.
True story: I was recently at a thanksgiving party where a lot of food was being served. The skinny, pale, threadbare sweater and tight pants-clad hipster-looking guy who had been putting on music all evening walked into the room. People weren't talking much at the time because their mouths were full, and hipster douchemaster sweater guy decided the room wasn't sociable enough for him, said "This room sucks", turned, and walked away. He could have just walked away, but he felt he had to verbally pass judgment on the room's occupants to make sure he seemed superior to them. What a dick.
viết bởi Rassar 05 Tháng mười hai, 2007
1. someone who thinks they are cooler than everyone else even though their clothes look like they come from the Salvation Army. Hipsters usually migrate towards Williamsburg because its their "mecca of art and everything cool" even though they themselves are not cool. Hipsters usually reside in the up and coming condos and pay outrageous rent all the while trying to maintain that "poor artist" facade. Their clothes look like they made it themselves. Hipsters listen to music no one else has heard of and are often times dirty, smelly, and an eye-sore. They need to get themselves a cheeseburger because their way too skinny and move out of our neighborhoods. ONLY eat organic/vegan meals. Hipsters are primarily voting for Obama because hes cool.Hey Manhattan, stop moving to Brooklyn!
In a supermarket:
"Yea, um, where can I find the all-natural organic, no perservatives, no sugar fat-free ice cream?"

"I am listening to ______ and watching Trainspotting. I'm so cool."

"I dont like conformists. I like to be unique and stand out and not be associated with anything corporate."
"What's that your drinking?"
"Starbucks is a corporate company/brand dumbass."
"I'm not a conformist, I'm a hipster."
viết bởi Cyndouche 15 Tháng mười, 2008
The spoiled, sheltered youth that prance around with their fancy scarves pretending to be bohemians and such. The modern equivalent of the "college rock alternative kids" of the 90's.

Hipsters don't stand for a damned thing, just their own fashion and image. All of the music is just a bunch of bullshit about their high school level emotions or some dumb bitch that made them go "waaa waaa". There is so much bullsh*t in this society in the past and today and none of them will just grow balls and stand up to challenge anything. They would rather just walk around smugly thinking that their B.A. makes them great thinkers and artists while they withdraw from the world that actually needs change. Until they actually do something to help our culture and stop sitting around like a bunch of damned pussies whining and playing shit music, they are just in the way to be honest.
Hippies at least had the balls to stand up for something. Now the kids are too busy with their Iphones and Facebook. What a bunch of silly, immature bullshit!!!

-This definition was not made by me, but by a user on Yahoo Answers named Ol' Flappyjack McGee. I definitely agree with his definition of hipster.
viết bởi Striker122 19 Tháng hai, 2010

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