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A person living in Hong Kong SAR. (Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China)
John is a hongkonger. He lives in Hong Kong.
viết bởi hongkonger 26 Tháng tám, 2007
Hong Kongers are Hong Kong citizens who love Hong Kong as an autonomous city.

Hong Kongers are culturally quite different from Chinese from Mainland China. Most Mainlander speaks Mandarin while most Hong Kongers speak Cantonese. Like in Taiwan, people here write in Traditional Chinese characters, while the Simplified Chinese characters is used in the Mainland China. Although many Hong Kongers are ethnic Chinese, there are also a sizable community of South Asians, SE Asians and Caucasians.

Hong Kong was a British colony from 1846 to 1997, during this period a good foundation of legislative and judiciary system was established. The city was handed over to PRC in 1997. Although the city still enjoys some degree of autonomy, there is no real democracy. The chief executive is elected by 1,200 businessmen affiliated with the Communist Party. The freedom of speech and living standard has been drastically deteriorating over the past decade.

While Mainland Chinese regarded 1997 as the "return of Hong Kong to China", most Hong Kongers regard it as "the Communists' takeover of Hong Kong". The Tiananmen Massacre that happened in 4th June, 1989 is an incident that divide Hong Kongers' and Mainland Chinese's opinions. Most Hong Kongers believe that it was a pro-democracy movements led by students who were brutally killed by the Beijing authority, but most mainland Chinese are unaware of this or misinformed because of the tight media censorship in China.
I am a Hong Konger, but I am not a Chinese.

Hong Kongers don't eat dogs and cats.
viết bởi LorraineC 18 Tháng ba, 2014
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