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The perfect example of how a clueless newbie would react if he hasn't read the manual
In Spider Man for the playstation 1: How do I shot web?
viết bởi Supreme_Bananas 20 Tháng một, 2008

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...Self explanitory.
Spider-Man, how do I shot web?
viết bởi Chuck Norris: Science Teacher 18 Tháng mười một, 2006
1. What spiderman says when his webs dont shoot out anymore.

2. What somebody says when they are falling off a cliff or high building and have nothing to hold on to.

3. What a n00b says when he fails at using the internet.
n00b: How come you know so much 1337 stuff?
hax0r: I just look on the web.
n00b: how do i shot web?
viết bởi Rico Thorn 27 Tháng hai, 2008