A waste of hard disk space with three main functions:
1)Download viruses/spyware/adware/worms/windows updates/unwanted porn/glitches/
2)Download Firefox
3)Uploading all of your private information and getting hijacked by everything it downloads.
It seems to be a lot better at the first than the latter.
If internet explorer wasn't integrated into windows, i would delete it.
viết bởi firefox is best 01 Tháng sáu, 2006
A browser which people who don't know better, or are too stubborn to realise that the Internet Explorer rendering engine 'Trident' renders +80% of sites incorrectly due to very poor standards compliance, and are scared to admit defeat, or believe Microsoft is actually good at producing closed source applications, which no-one can see the source to.

Comes as part of Microsoft's flagship opersting system Windows and by default is extremely unsecure, and will allow any unsusuecting user to download dialers and many other system integrity threatening applications.

IE is the reason why I can charge companies more for developing websites so they work with IE as well as with FireFox, Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror and even the text based 'lynx' browser.

During benchmark testing, Internet Explorer takes longer to start on an AMD processor running at 1400Mhz, than popular open-source alternative FireFox, which has been optimized for use on systems running an AMD processor.
"I'm sorry, but Internet Explorer support will cost at least 50 pound extra, since I have to format all my code specially for it."

"Internet Explorer is bad because it uses a lot of proprietary HTML tags that only work in Internet Explorer in an attempt to make sites developed for Internet Explorer, not work with any other browser."

"Damn Internet Explorer and it's damned WMF exploit!"

"Internet Explorer is closed source, and developers cannot audit the code themselves to check for 'features' Microsoft have put in so they can gain users personal information. The 'WMF Exploit' was one of these 'features' that Microsoft put in to allow someone to execute code remotely on a victims PC."

"People who use Internet Explorer are most commonly people who don't know better"

"While all security issues found with FireFox have been fixed by any member or developer of the open-source community, Internet Explorer users must wait for a vulnerability to be classed as 'Critical' before Microsoft will actually do anything about it."
viết bởi An experienced developer 28 Tháng sáu, 2006
One who explores the internet. In times of yore the internet was small and self contained, with everyone knowing exactly where they wanted to go. As the internet expanded, internet explorers began to travel from site to site, following directions or 'hyperlinks' from native guides. Early explorations were limited by the shear difficulty of finding anything. Today the task of not being able to find anything is largely performed using asearch engine, and like many traditional crafts the role of Internet Explorer is slowly dieing out.
Internet explorers were not the most efficient way of travelling the internet, but in many cases were the only option available.
viết bởi robcraine 23 Tháng chín, 2005
A not surprisingly crappy browser created by Microsoft, apparently for the purpose of making web designers' jobs twice as hard, largely because of Bill Gates' arrogant disdain for any standards but his own.
Shall we continue investing our time in writing "hacks" to make our web pages display properly in Internet Explorer, or shall we just start designing for quality browsers instead?
viết bởi David Blomstrom 03 Tháng ba, 2007
A website designers nightmare.

You have to go completely avoid or spend lots of time working on exactly how you want your site to look to conform to the standard.
I wish Internet Explorer wasn't the most popular browser in the world, everyone should download Firefox.
viết bởi Tommyharding 28 Tháng mười một, 2006
The most ridiculous Browser ever in which my next door neighbor uses as if its the only thing available on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!!! what an idiot even after i inform him all the time how stupid he is and show him Firefox and the Big "O"
and plenty other browsers its like he just cant comprehend the meaning probably like you reading this or someone you know... mind you this is a guy who has more random information stored in his head then should be allowed and or legal prides himself on knowing crap..... long story short I.E is a Piece of Garbage that should be banned from the internet shouldnt be called internet explorer but maybe "T.B.W.T.N.E.T.E the best way to not explore the internet
Me: "Hey i see you must have just bought this computer seeing that you still have "Internet Explorer" In Fact you must have just bought it today"

Complete Idiot: Nah man ive had this thing for like 3 years now..."

Me: What are you Retarded???........
viết bởi GeTiTGoTiTGood 28 Tháng tám, 2009
There Is ONE Use For IE :DOWNLOADING FIREFOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heres An Example:Internet Exploder 6.66 (And Every Other Version As Well) Is 100% GARBAGE!Why On EARTH Did Idiot Exploiter Get Called INTERNET EXPLORER?Its An INSULT To The Word INTERNET!
viết bởi IE SUCKS! 02 Tháng mười một, 2008
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