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The shittiest bands ever!
With emo, useless names that all sound the same. Most of the songs start out with a very generic, shitty distorted guitar, and an angry teenager screaming random "words" into a borrowed microphone. A third grader has better lyrical capacities, a retarded bear can play drums faster and more in sync with the shittiest guitar playing I have ever heard. Usually an average of 1 1/2 songs on the Myspace page, a range of 38-1,000 friends, and a lot of comments from emo bitches and other useless people about how good they are. When the truth is, they suck big donkey balls.
These bands also frequently post bulletins either about "UPCOMING SHOW!!!111one" or "NEW SONG UP" or nothing in particular. The fellow local myspace metal bands all display the same photoshopped, overdressed poster as their default. So much anticipation and high hopes for their "EPIC UPCOMING SHOW". But when or if the show ever happens, it is the worst, most unimpressive display of a band ever witnessed. They all borrow the same PA system, and heavily taped microphone, and there is no professionalism in the way the music is played.
Deadbeat "show booker": *calls a lot of local "venues" for a place to have the show*
Finally getting success, he has a show booked, but it is in the crummier side of town(nobody wants that b/s in any good areas).
*show is playing; brEEE breEEEE!!*
Hoodniggaz: check out these mutha fuckas!
*beats and stabs the living shit out of every little emo fag in sight*
Onlooker: DAAAAYYUM! now THAT is myspace metal!!
viết bởi Potential LOL 09 Tháng tư, 2008
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A type of metalcore, technical metal, or screamo that exists solely because myspace allows them to upload cliche music and send out bulletins about their "awesome shows" coming up. They are popular because the emo/scene/hxc people that read the bulletins go to the shows and mosh.
Emo: From The Ashes is the best band ever
Metalhead: Fuck that, it's myspace metal
viết bởi slayer157 04 Tháng mười, 2007

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