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One who views your myspace areas compulsively, without any communication with you in myspace or real life.
Why my ex-girlfriend has become a myspace stalker is puzzling, unless she is concocting an evil scheme of some sort, or she can't get laid.
viết bởi Lar 05 Tháng một, 2006
Somebody who sends endless amounts of time trolling myspace usually in pursuit of myspace whores and cam whores.

Female stalkers often spend as much time stalking "cool" males as other females who could fall under the myspace whore catagory.

Male stalkers are known for sending female users lots of cheesy pick up lines and cock shots.
I just got another penis picture from another myspace stalker.

Yeah, I hate that... but I spent all last night checking out hot goth bois.
viết bởi pdx23 24 Tháng hai, 2006
that one person at school who you don't know, but they know pretty much everything about you, including your address, your nicknames, family members, click, musical interests, hobbies, etc etc, simply by giving excessive attention to your Myspace profile. That person most likely wants to talk to you IRL, but can't due to a lack of good social skills, so they stalk your profile in a subliminal effort to get to know you.
to avoid being stalked by a myspace stalker, set your profile to "private" so they have to be on ur friends list before they can view your info.
viết bởi JT the man 12 Tháng tư, 2008
A person who stalks someone on myspace. Usually they are totally and completely obsessed and sometimes may know the person in real life.

They can be rather scary, and will fill your inbox with messages they have written to EVRY BULLITEN you post. They send more messages on top of that asking why you haven't answered the other messages yet.
Tab:So, how's your myspace stalker?
Jess:Umm... He's kinda creeping me out.
Tab:How so?
Jess:Well we don't even know each other, but I saw him at school so I was polite and waved. Then, he wrote me on myspace and said he was mad because I didn't go sit with him at the assembly in the gym.
Tab:Psycho much?
Jess:I think so.
viết bởi ily4ever 13 Tháng năm, 2007
Someone who looks at your page several times a day. They "know" things they wouldn't know otherwise if they weren't stalking. They try to accuse YOU of being the stalker and try to act innocent. They send you tons of messages a day then block you before you can reply. Then they message all of your friends, about you. And then block them too. Mostly they look at your page 20+ times in one day, then another 20+ on each of your friends pages. Stalkers.
"Have you checked your profilesnitch today?"

"Yeah Jessica Stark and Nicole Ghering both looked like 20 times each today."

"Jessica Stark has looked at my profile almost 400 times total since May."

"Myspace stalker(s)."
viết bởi famousviamyspacestalkers 20 Tháng tám, 2009
Someone who spends all day lookin an obsessing over your myspace. You may barely know this person but they know everything about you. Including where your going for the weekend, what you did the other night, why you werent in class yesterday. They even start to stalk your girlfriends on myspace due to jealousy.

They dont usually add you because they arent brave enough too because they have poor social skills an suck balls.

They usually have your myspace set as their homepage an may even check it on thier iphone or blackberry or via other portable device.
Matt: " So this girl I barely know in class somehow knew I was at Pechanga the other night. Its weird!"

Tyler: " maybe shes a myspace stalker dude, set your shit to private an lock your doors"
viết bởi llegoz 16 Tháng mười, 2009
transitive verb
1 : to pursue by memorizing mundane or personal details of one's myspace page.
2 : to have viewed a new acquaintance's page one time and in the ensuing casual conversation mention a detail, only to be called out on it
3 : to pursue obsessively and to the point of harassment by sending constant friend requests and unwanted messages
1: Have you seen that show with that myspace lesbian Tila Tequila? I have her in my top friends and look at her page everyday. Her favorite liquor is Tequila...

2: "I have a birthday coming up"

"That's right, you were born in November"

"Someone's a myspace stalker..."

3: Ewwww, this dirt bag keeps sending me friend requests. I have blocked my page, and marked him as spam, why won't he get the hint. I don't want to be your friend!!!
viết bởi jacoblebo 16 Tháng mười một, 2007
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