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A game most commonly played by a minumum of three inebriated partygoers as follows:
1) Mystery knuckee holds his or her fists straight out apart from one another
2) Mystery knucker 1 writes a four letter word in sharpie across the knuckee's right knuckles
3) Without seeing what knucker 1 wrote, mystery knucker 2 writes a four letter word across the knuckee's left knuckles
4)Knuckee is commanded to "knuck 'em," bringing his or her fists together for a sometimes brilliant, sometimes idiotic, but always hilarious set of knucks.
"LOVE HOLE" is a classic mystery knuck.

Keep in mind a couple of Mystery Knuck guidelines to ensure for consistent knuckings:
a. Remain conscious of which fist you are knucking. the right fist is the first word and the left is the second word. It's important to use a word that will function well on the fist you are knucking.
b. When in doubt, use words that will always work. "Dick," on men's knucks, and "tits" on womens knucks will work on either fist with practically any other word. It's tempting to get creative, but keep in mind that the more risky of a word choice, the more likely you are to end up with well-meaning, but ultimately nonsensical knucks like "VAGI XUAL."

These are the basic rules. More skilled/drunker mystery knuck experts oftentimes utilize symbols or words with more or less than four letters. It's your sharpie and your friends' and acquaintances' knucks, so don't be afraid to experiment!
Actual mystery knucks:
dude hole
tits burg
fury fuck
dick pain
fire tits
fuck fuck
butt pump
#shame #embarrasment #alcohol #bonding #humiliation
viết bởi David LaBurglier 23 Tháng sáu, 2008
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