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A Neo-Communist is pretty easy to define and hard at the same time.

Why this is so: As the word implies, it is a 'new' generation of Communist, albeit most are students (as where it learned from), few are more and less anti-Authitorian proletars (low class workers), and pledge alliance to Marx's theories, but defy Soviet and the like (China, perhaps Cuba) as inferior attempts on it, not genuine ones, and state-capitalistic enterprises with vague socialistic elements. They often share sympathies with workers, activists and anarchists. Most neo-Communist are so presumably because of a rebellish fad, or attitude, but most of them reject Totalarianism, saying it was never a part of leftism. Transistionary states are a heated subject, and neo-Communists are often followed for their ideology, because they are placed in the same class of despot-supporters. Neo-Communists are often atheists or agnostics.

Most of these frequent, and are born at most in the 70's or up.
Karl: I heard Joe is a Commie?
Jarl: That's not true, he is a Neo-Commie!
Karl: What's the difference?
Jarl: He doesn't believe in a dictatorship of the proletars, i.e. no vanguard party.
viết bởi Ole the Murderer 31 Tháng năm, 2005
Neocommunist is also an ideology, spurred by the fall of the Soviet Union some communists wanted to distance themselfs from the traditional communist name and Soviet Communist corruption. Neocommunists also want to distance themselfs from Chinas Communist goverment which, they feel have abondoned true Marxist-Leninist concepts. Neocommunists are pro-democracy and support any and all democratic socialist parties.
Many former Communist parties thruout Europe and the Americas
have used the word to describe themself and their ideology. The "New Left" political parties of Germany and Sweden sometimes refer to themselfs as Neocommunists, as do many in the America's.
#communist #marxist #socialists #politics #ideology
viết bởi Karl Ericson 13 Tháng chín, 2006
A person that espouses all the main ideas of Communism-a free society with no division or alienation, where humanity is free from oppression and scarcity yet, curiously, requires absolute control by a central government that redistributes wealth to operate-but when confronted with the inconvenient truth that this has been tried before and failed miserably responds, "Yes we can." (See definition of "Insanity") Wishes to place environmental concerns over humanity's as well as eradicate religion from public life and make the world gender-neutral. Partakes in carefully scripted propaganda events and gives hubris filled speeches that contradict known history surrounding the issue at hand and all those involved. When confronted with truth, they deny, deny, deny, then make counter-accusations. Has absolute control of agenda-setting media. Only difference between "communist" and "neocommunist" is totalitarian control by the state. Neocommunist would become communist if at all feasibly possible. Neocommunists are the result of modern education pedagoguery indoctrination, very little experience, and a complete ignorance of history. Only adherents to neocommunism are fellow party members and red kool-aid drinkers.
These may be "just words," but Barack Obama is a Neocommunist.
#neo #communist #democrat #tyrant #oppression
viết bởi tenaciousD1975 10 Tháng bảy, 2008
1:a current liberal (progressive) espousing communism without using its name.
2:a liberal advocating redistribution of your money in the manner they themselves think best; neo-com money not considered money in this case.
a neo-communist will take your wealth but not the wealth of the future neo-comm leaders
#neo-comm #new communist #lib #progressive #neo-lenin
viết bởi skippy08 02 Tháng chín, 2008
A word created in the undeveloped mind of a Neo-conservative who can't argue or debate a point properly. The user usually uses this word when pwned by someone with a clue.
What, the 9/11 commission and senate intelligence committee found that Iraq didn't have any WMDS and there was no connection between Al Qeada and Saddam?! They are all Neo-comms!
viết bởi AmericanPatriot1776 14 Tháng bảy, 2004
A democrat. A person who wants to tax YOUR pants off and give the money to bums, bindlestiffs, and Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition.
Quean Hillary is a neo-communist.
viết bởi Cap'n Bullmoose 23 Tháng tư, 2005
A good reason to raise President Reagan from the dead so he can defeat the evil Neo-Communist empire a second time round.
Commie : The USSR wasnt a proper example of how the neo-communist system would work , the people in charged abused the system.

Me: Yeah and they killed a hundred million people or so , I wonder if they can do better this time around?.
#commie #marxist #scumbag #socialist #red
viết bởi Betterdeadthanred 13 Tháng năm, 2006
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