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This is a debate that is often held in such areas as internet forums, chat rooms, and even in actual places such as cafiterias, homes, and cars of teenagers.

The idea of this debate is to prove once and for all who would win in a debate between a pirate and a ninja. Multiple things would be considered, such as relative skill, weaponry, and mental disposition toward killing.

Although the pirate would traditionaly carry a flintlock pistol, this gun was innacurate, and the ninja would probably throw a smoke bomb to make it harder for the pirate to see, or just dodge the bullet. The ninja could then kill the pirate with any weapon in his arsenal, ranged or melee, such as using shuriken, a blow gun, or his katana to dispatch the pirate.

In most circles, it is beleived that a ninja would defeat a pirate in an even fight, such as in a grassy field where neither of them could use the terrain to their advantage.

Other examples of these "fantasy duels" are whether Batman could take Chuck Norris, Crab vs. Lobster, whether U.S.S Enterprise could take the Star Destroyer, Samas Aran vs. Master cheif etc...
Geek 1:Who do you think would win in a fight in aninja vs. pirate duel?
Geek 2: Hey dude, a pirate is all like "arr," and they carry guns, so they would win in a fight.
Geek 1: Nah, ninjas would waste pirates because ninjas actually trained. Pirates just got drunk all the time.
viết bởi Michael M. Smith 20 Tháng chín, 2006
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