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a kick ass person who can sometimes be a little conceited... but everyone loves him anyway.... a HUGE fan of football.... but a beast on and he is also a really good listener

a pasi is usuallly the homecoming king
Dave: wow i just won homecoming king
Kyle: your a total pasi
viết bởi im not telling you 111 06 Tháng hai, 2009
35 10
A computer Programming Langauge for AI applications
Array = 1,2
If (Array0,0 = 0) Then X = 2
viết bởi Dave Vyrd 20 Tháng mười một, 2003
18 12
Pasi is an abbreviation given to the word Pasindu.

The word Pasi originates from the pussy. This adjective can be used as a replacement for pussy.

Pasi means a person who is a "pussy" to talk to females, but talks about them like a "pussy" slayer.

Some people say Pasi Cat, to lower the strength of the word as it can offend people.
"Dude that guy is such a Pasi." " He told me how he that he dumped that chick, what a pasi."
viết bởi <3Indiaftw 06 Tháng sáu, 2013
2 0
Leaving a restaurant without paying
Patrick pulled a Pasi at Planet Hollywood
viết bởi Dr Jay Fowdar 25 Tháng một, 2008
11 9
Punk Ass Short Italian
Associated with soccer.
John-Carlo is a PASI.
Jabroni is a PASI
PASI represent
viết bởi Mance 26 Tháng ba, 2003
7 25