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A male who wears makeup. Yes! You heard that right, metros (metrosexuals) have endless ways to display their 'gay vague' attitude by wearing 'guyliner' (guy eyeliner), or just wear 'natural make-up' (be it bronzing or mere 'facercize' to have better looks!) and aren't ashamed -- as most metrosexuals are! -- to refer to themselves as 'guy chicks', or 'mirls' (men girls)!
The average PP can be spotted at 'podules' (men beauty salons that provide hair-care, facials and massage services in designated personal booths), or at high-end organic salons that cater for its growing male customership.

Metrosexuality has given us a large lexical inheritance that , usually slips the 'gendar' (gender radar): 'Mandex', are *ahem* spandex that males can wear! 'Manties' are male panties! Hell! And if that's not insult enough for us males, then here's a 'mansserrier' (man brassier) for you moobies (man boobies)! 'Mangs' (male bags, also known as 'murses': male purses) for your shoulders! And you are set and ready to go metro-ing your gayass across town!

Metrosexual males are also known as hermaphrodudes (hermaphrodite dudues)/ homme fatales (the male version of femme fatale!)/ 'strays' (straight gays!).
The latest in an ever-growing trend of gender-flexing metrosexuality, the pastel princess is an image-weary male who has 'his' own mindset about what makes a man... a man! Not my 'mang', oops! bag!
#metrpsexuality #mirls #murse #mang #guyliner
viết bởi hammer---;, hytham 10 Tháng tư, 2007
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