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1. Never speak of Tumblr.
You'll regret it!

2. The Ask Box.
No one wants to see ten thousand questions for you on their dashboard.

3. Some things can be overblogged.
Tumblr loves: Megan Fox, Mean Girls, Kim Kardashian, and most of all CATS. Just get used to it

4. Quotes have nothing to do with the background.
Just reblog it. It's weird, I know, but that is another "getting used to" thing

5. Hnng

6.People vent on Tumblr.
Most of Tumblr being a younger crowd, complains. And eventually you will too.

7. Don't steal pictures.
Definition of stealing a picture: right click, save picture, re upload to Tumblr. This is a definite NO NO on tumblr. just reblog it, and the person who uploaded it first will automatically get their credits (:

8. Tumblr isn't for homophobes
Tumblr is mostly people who support gay people, or lesbian/gay people themselves. We don't discriminate on Tumblr

9.Ignore the anons
Anons are people who write you a question in your ask box anonymously. Not all anons are bad, but 98 percent are.

10. Don't call anyone a "hipster"
Hipsters don't like it.

11. Sarcasm is OK
We all talk in sarcastic tones toward one another. It's not gonna change.

12. Tumblr crashes
"Error", "Not found", or the one that's hated the most "We will be back shortly". Don't fret, it will be back
If you would like some good examples of rules of tumblr. there's a video on youtube called "What you need to know about Tumblr". I got these rules from her, and she gives good examples
viết bởi dcm123456 29 Tháng mười hai, 2010
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