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Translation to "What can I say?"
"What do you think about that Pooty Tang?"

"Sa da tay."
viết bởi Septic 13 Tháng hai, 2005

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A multi-purpose phrase used by the great Pootie Tang; Can be positive OR negative in nature; Roughly translates to "That's the way it is" or "This's the way it's gotta be" depending on context
Floosie ~ Oh Pootie Tang, I want us to be together! In a bed!

Pootie ~ ::Heh:: Sadatay. (walks away)
viết bởi Daddy Tang 27 Tháng một, 2005
A verbal thumbs up.

Another way of telling someone that everything is cool or fine. A way of expressing a calm sense of being okay with things. A placid sentiment of being cool.
BRUTHA 1: "Whoops. I didn't mean to spill my forty on your shirt! Oh dude, I'm sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

BRUTHA 2: "Sah-dah-tay."

Say Sah-dah-tay and feel okay!
viết bởi Aitlan Favafa 21 Tháng tư, 2005
sine ma pite ahn da runney kine
viết bởi Berserker 10 Tháng chín, 2003
cool, alright, right on
john : wheres my money
bob : its coming soon
john : sadatay!
viết bởi adrian ta 23 Tháng hai, 2004
Meaning "sure you right"
Man #1 You going to the club tonight?

Man #2 "Sadatay"
viết bởi Emblack 08 Tháng năm, 2006
viết bởi Anonymous 26 Tháng hai, 2003