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verb form of sarcastic.
Archibald: "That's beautiful dress Marge."
Marge: "Well tha..."
Archibald: "... I sarcast."
viết bởi buffalo.soldiers 16 Tháng ba, 2009
The noun form of "sarcastic"
The word is used exclusively by cool kids, and anyone who used the word but isn't cool enough to pull it off is flogged with a dildo
Person 1: looket that annoying little sarcast over there.
Person 2: WTF you just say? You aint cool enough to pull that off
viết bởi daparagon 14 Tháng mười, 2011
A rebuttal for when someone tries to use sarcasm against you.
Girl: No, really? I never would have guessed.
viết bởi xSecondHeartbeatx 10 Tháng ba, 2011
Someone who is sarcastic.
You're such a sarcast! I should thrash you to death with a wiffel ball bat.
viết bởi Chester 04 Tháng ba, 2005
one of the talented few who practices sarcasm as an art.
ostrawberryloveo153: i dont stalk him either
TheOutlandishOne: mhmm
TheOutlandishOne: oh, and did you hear that my name was santa claus?
ostrawberryloveo153: what?
TheOutlandishOne: it was an elegant version of 'and i'm santa claus.' i am a sarcast, as you know

viết bởi theoutlandishone 04 Tháng một, 2008
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