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A site where high school students can get to meet new friends. Not as addictive as myspace because it doesn't have scene kids posting slutty pics of themselves in awkward angles that you could make fun of. Basically, a place to go when you're bored of xanga or myspace. Also a place to post "Happy Birthday" or "Can't wait till we hang out on Friday. <333" kind of posts.
Yo it's Jill's birthday, i better write "Happy Birthday" on her Sconex.
viết bởi oil derek 12 Tháng một, 2006
42 16
A place similar to the facebook for college students.
Sconex is so much cooler then xanga.
viết bởi Elias 19 Tháng tư, 2005
52 45
Xanga squared
essentially a breeding grounds for people who found xanga to be too depressing
viết bởi Wudja Duume 28 Tháng ba, 2005
41 34
A facebook for black people.
Greenwich is to facebook as Harlem is to Sconex.
viết bởi Andy Cee 05 Tháng tám, 2006
59 75