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One who is extremely gifted in the art of performing sexual favors
"I've heard about Kiel Hockett, apparently he's a sexual dynamo!"
viết bởi ErinnM 24 Tháng năm, 2006
One who is extremely talented in the boudoir. A giver of exquisite sexual pleasure.
I want to go bone that attractive Asian caterer, I hear he is a sexual dynamo.
viết bởi limericks 26 Tháng hai, 2013
Amazing in the bedroom (Sexual realm), each time she has sex with the same person it gets better and better, never reaching a plateau but forever continuing to climb.
This Girl Megan from NAU total Sexual Dynamo, im converting her to a Sun Devil, I need her down here right away.
viết bởi LoRy 30 Tháng tư, 2012