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(1)Something that is unusually high in quality or composition.(2)An expression describing such an object.
"Dude that is straight-up for real the fucking shit-box"
viết bởi slo_gin 25 Tháng hai, 2004
1) a stupid dog.

2) a person who calls a dog shitbox
1) i wish that shitbox would stop barking.

2) did you just call a dog shitbox? you're the shitbox dude.
viết bởi shitbox 10 Tháng tám, 2003
A retarded name for a gaming console that the stupid crapstation 2 lusers like sony roolz bitch about while raping gay men in the asshole
PS 2 = sucks
X-box = has Halo.

'Nuff said
viết bởi sony roolz licks donkeys @$$! 18 Tháng bảy, 2003