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the adjective form of "shping" (happiness in confusion)
in general shpingy is used to describe things in good way, especially when there seems no other way to describe something.

It's like...amazing

If you need a positively connotated/denotated word to describe something or someone its perfect because its non restricting, it has an elastic meaning.

Going back to the "happiness in confusion' definition, its like the way out of being speechless of joy~
For example, say you were having a conversation with someone and you don't know how to tell them how wonderful they are. you could say they're "shpingy" and at least that'll open up into more talking about it, and it leaves in room for being not completely serious about everything (like comic relief from a serious conversation)

I think i'd like to go with that break through from being speachess
(see second example)

Person*waits for me to say something*
person:yea well what do you think?
ME: I think...ehh~ you're damn shpingy~!
person: shpingy?...
ME:oh yea, its perfect, its like every good word i could use to describe you all smashed into one word, and it shounds happy doesn't it?
person:shping~ :>

person: yea?
ME:um....hold on...i
ME: I *thinks*(love you, think you're amazing, don't know what to do about you because im sure you make me way to happy for my own good somehow...?)think...SPHING! :D<3

(which also implies the confusion with the long time between answering~)
viết bởi happyevil23 25 Tháng mười một, 2007
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