Soggy, limp dick
When James exited the pool, he had a snoodle.
#limp dick #soggy chubby #small softy #pool dick #chilly willy.
viết bởi FloppyWafflePig 13 Tháng năm, 2015
cross bewteen a poodle and a schnazer
the snoodle puupies came out looking like their father who was a schnauzer, even though the mother was a poodle.
#mut #mix breed #mongrel #cross breed #hybrid
viết bởi von strudelburg 24 Tháng chín, 2013
refers to tobacco that you snort
Hey do you have any snoodles? My nose needs a tingle.
#sizzle dirt #tobacco #snuff #dirty nostril #rugged nasal
viết bởi Trevor and Nate 03 Tháng ba, 2008
Lets get some snoodles tonight?
#coke #coca #cocaine #snoods #candy
viết bởi spicoli4420 15 Tháng hai, 2009
A term used when referring to smuggling a little chinese boy across the world IN A SUITCASE, in order to return him to his mother. This has no relation to the movie "Noodle".
Alec : Damn, I've only done a Snoodle once.

Drew : Noooob, I've smuggled 4 or 5 little boys.

Brian : You guys are fucking weird.
#snoodle #noodle #chinese #chinese boy #boy in suitcase #chinese noodles
viết bởi Young Krayyy 10 Tháng một, 2011
The act of laughing, coughing, snorting, etc and having snot and/or other debris fly out from your nose.
"Oh God, I just snoodled everywhere!"

"Watch out, she snoodled on the couch!"

"It's so embarrassing when I snoodle in front of my friends."
#snot #boogers #flying debris #laughing #coughing
viết bởi muhnuqqa 02 Tháng tám, 2012
Someone who loves snoozing
viết bởi Anonymous 15 Tháng mười, 2003
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