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blowing your load in your partners ass, sucking it out and spitting the poop/jit mixture in their mouth.
Bruce and Jim are so close, I heard for his birthday Jim gave Bruce a snowball, and it wan't even snowing out.
viết bởi mike 20 Tháng mười, 2003
when a girl gives a guy a blowjob and in return spits the cum into the guy's mouth.
After Jamo gave Brett a blow job, he went to kiss Jamo and Jamo snowballed Brett.
viết bởi bread infection 01 Tháng một, 2006
A fat dab covered in kief.
Bro! Audrey tried had never heard of a dab before; so we gave her 2 snowballs last night. She didn't even puke!
viết bởi metallicafan3124 21 Tháng mười, 2014