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a retard's version of sperm
hey look, that retard can't spell sperm, so he wrote spurm instead
viết bởi snapple 08 Tháng hai, 2004
A hardcore punk band from South Jersey.
Are you going to the SPURM show this weekend?
viết bởi Ümlaut 10 Tháng bảy, 2008
ejackualate from penis usually found in wombs makin babys or on many a gyrating porn stars face neck an tits
spurm hehe
viết bởi Spongecake 03 Tháng hai, 2003
A thick liquid that is shot through the dick (peanus). Which in slang is I am Coming.
A couple are having sex and one of them gets aroused and sputs spurm into the girl/boys boysmouth/girls pussy.
viết bởi Phillip Weisner 24 Tháng năm, 2003