The forgotten Borough where you've gotten into arguments with people who think Long Island is the fifth borough. You refer to Manhattan as 'the city'. You call the ferry "the boat". You can name all four bridges. Denino's Pizza and Ralph's Ices are the best summertime treats ---and you will wait on line for 45 minutes just for a vanilla chip ice! You've gone sledding at Latourette. There is only one mall... and it's called 'the mall.' It takes you a half hour to get to your friend's house... and they live less than a mile away. You know it's Prince's Bay, not Princess Bay. You would never swim in the water here. At least one of your relatives is fluent in Italian.
You or someone you know has more than one matching velour sweat suits in their closet. You can smell the dump from your house but you're so used to the smell that you don't notice it anymore. You've gotten into a screaming match over a parking spot. Someone you know has a lifetime membership to Tanning Loft. Everyone you know claims to be 'connected.' You've hung out in a parking lot. You know the difference between Richmond Rd., Richmond Ave., and Richmond Terrace. You know that 'Mike' owns all the good diners. You refer to every highway on the island as 'The Expressway.' You've been cut off by a souped up Honda Accord with earth shaking bass playing. You have chased someone for cutting you off just to give them the finger. A development of townhouses has recently sprung up in your neighborhood. The shocks in your car are shot because you hit pot holes every 2 feet. You have the need to look at the people in the car next to you when stopped at a red light to see if it someone you know. You know never to walk on South Beaches sand with out Shoes. You've seen Method Man in the Mall at least once. The Monastery and Sea View aren't scary, just another place to drink. Everyone own a North Face jacket and has a Nextel. You wave at the weird leg guy when you pass the North Shore, and sometimes he waves back.
Staten Island: Everyone own a North Face jacket and has a Nextel.
viết bởi Anonymous647435 24 Tháng tư, 2006
5th borough where im from. The North Shore is made up of neighborhoods composed of either minorities (St. George) or crazy rich white people (todt hill dongan hills) and is mostly wack. The south shore where im from is mostly guido-ass italian people like me most of whom buy every 50 cent cd but piss their pants at the sight of an actual black person, and aspire to be eminem. The girls down here are mostly hot, hotter than north shore girls or girls from any other boro.
Staten Island is cool from Eltingvile down, every where else you find ugly girls and gay kids
viết bởi nesh 05 Tháng ba, 2005
ok first of all i live in the south shore of staten island with all thje guidos and girls who are sluts and whores and i am so used to allo the guys and girls so back off and stop writing shytt about the south shore cuz staten island kickss ass and if we went up against any other borough they would be gone befor y ou noe ittt
even though we are italian and think we are so cool to be italian it doesnt mean we dont like the other ppl here
the north shore is cool too but i have to say the south shore is much nicer and cleaner and the crime rate and shooting rate is mucchhhh less (if u no what i mean)
anyway statenisland is the best and i love it heree
every1 noes every1 and it is greatt
so all u non italians out theaa stop writing stuff about us kids in the south shore cuz we have mroe fun then you anyway and youss are all juss jealousss!!!
Staten Island is fun !!
viết bởi deannatrusxxx 18 Tháng mười, 2006
1.A dump in nyc made up of ghetto neigborhoods and crapy beaches.
2. A place were people towk like this
3. A place with few nice neigborhoods like Middlin Beach
My cuzin celine lives in staten island. don't worry, nobody will get her because she lives in middlin beach
viết bởi Nick Staner 05 Tháng một, 2006
fake ass "borough" of nyc. the only "borough" without subways. kids from there think the north shore is the worst ghetto out there...even though there's like 2 project buildings on the whole island...there's barely any tough areas in staten island except for maybe parts of stapleton and st. george...which wouldn't equal a fraction of whats bad in jersey. pretty-boy greaseballs try to act black and drive daddy's mercedes around and they're all apparently from the mafia...go figure. they talk shit bout jersey when they finally move there cuz they think its one big farm..and thats only cuz they stay in the mansion they moved into in marlboro or colts neck or one of those towns..yet catch em in a bad area of jersey and they get sent back over the outer bridge in a body bag
Staten island guido: yo bro, you from jersey bro, you got tractors where you live bro?
me: yea we got tractors...but i guess you're just mad cuz you're "boro" has no trains and will always be known as brooklyn's little bitch brother
viết bởi you know who it know wut it is 07 Tháng chín, 2005
A borough that isn't as bad as every makes it out to be. i live in annadale, and i dont drive a lexus, im gay, and i think the guido's are sooo freakin HOT. Dont knock it till u see them

sure they are high strung and stuck up, but yay for eye candy!
Normal conversation of a staten island teen
-::beep beep:: meet me at the mall, joey ::beep::
-::beep beep:: is christina gonna be there? ::beep::
-::beep beep:: yea, she got her moms H2 ::beep::
-::beep beep:: sick, bro, sick ::beep::
viết bởi Sn Grlk 30 Tháng tám, 2006
the fifth borough "da forgotten borough
"i live in staten island and lemme tell da real deal. the south shore is where u will find all da italians and da rich kids. theirs only one place where you will find rich ass kids in escalades and dat is todt hill. if u live in the north shore like west brighton (where i live) its just like brooklyn especially since everyone 4rm their is basially from brooklynnn. da rich kids woudn last a day in da places in the north shore. i also moved from brooklyn and da place i live in (west brighton) has far more crime den mi old neighborhood. if u are white den da north shore is not 4 u. go 2 todt hill or down south. as for da north face jackets - yea it is tru most of us wear em nd da u will hear a nextel chirp every 5 seconds. and wichevr ignorant dumbass came up wit "every one noes eachother in the boro" dat is NOT tru. how stupid can ya get staten island is getn madd populated and da traffic grows everydaii.if u don bleve me come down near da west brighton projects or somewhere near dat ...ull noe wut im talkin about. its NOT white
white kid from pennslyvania"lets go 2 staten island!"
white kids frend "yeaa i herd its white so well fit in"
dey go down 2 west brighton
white kid "oh nOoOo dis is not white!!!"
black and latino kids comin at dem
white kids frend "we shoudn hav worn these bandanas and doorags!!"
viết bởi tunabear 08 Tháng mười, 2006
staten shitty island home of the dirtiest chicken heads
Yo wat the fuck is that smell? It smeels like shit or hot ass or somethin,.. you smell that?
Oh thats just Staten Island, oh-well.
viết bởi lola latina princessa 28 Tháng tư, 2005
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