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The boro where the only thing exciting to do ... is to go to the mall .. walk around and act if youre buying sumthin.
Boy 1: Yo what you doin friday after skool?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall
Boy 1: Nice. What about Saturday?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall
Boy 1: Nice!! Where are goin Sunday?
Boy 2: Goin to the staten island mall.
Boy 1: WOW BRO! Your weekend is goin to kick ass!
viết bởi MoJoN 17 Tháng chín, 2005
Manhattan's asshole
People I don't like spotted at the Staten Island mall
People I don't like spotted wearing gold chains
viết bởi Mr. LS 10 Tháng bảy, 2008
A place where there is ALWAYS traffic on the staten island expressway, everyone has an attitude problem, the girls are mostly trash with the exception of a few, mostly everyone lives in connected town houses or condos and thinks their brand new altima's are the hottest thing. They think they are "italian" meanwhile they're "italian-american". I've been to italy and REAL italians are not like Staten Islanders. do yourself a favor if you're ever driving thru staten island KEEP MOVING. The people are garbage! Only if the ppl from staten island couldnt get off that island! ..but luckily enough their TOO POOR too travel anywhere else besides the jersey shore or brooklyn and maybe spring break if they save for months.. so dont worry the rest of the world is safe from them!!
staten island is horrible
viết bởi CBruk 26 Tháng mười một, 2007
The odd man out of the New York City boroughs. Staten Island is west of the Hudson and should be considered part of New Jersey. Kind of like how Marble Hill is on the mainland but is part of Manhattan. Go figure.
Growing up in Yonkers, Staten Island was like the moon: a shithole, no reason to there, feels a lot farther than it actually is, a place you see and hear about but still seems mythical.
viết bởi YO Man 11 Tháng bảy, 2004
-the forgotten borough because it dosent desserve to be a borough
-the only republican brough, (shows the stupidity)
-the whittest borough filled with annoying rich mobster asshole italians who feel theryre living in the suburbs because its to stressful in the city
Did you know that staten island is also called SHAOLIN, ha ha ha, funny
viết bởi crissant 20 Tháng sáu, 2006
Boro that aint gettin respect from other boros and i dont know why. Its just another boro whea people live so its a lil diffrent from ur neighborhood. We jus are who we are we are all italians we're guidos, we're wiggers, we hav accents, we know it, it aint like we chose 2 b born hea lyk u kids from BK n queens din choose 2 b born thea but its who we are deal wit it. its also funny that most people who talk about si being all white are probly from bay ridge which is just as white as si except the arabs up in the 60s n 5th ave
i hav a staten island (statn'eyelin) accent and im dam proud of it
viết bởi southside si 21 Tháng ba, 2005
The asshole of the universe. A place where white kids who try act like they are black, but fail miserably. A place where the Wu-Tang Clan resides. A place where the the short 'A' sound is pronounced 'aw' by some people. A place where the only thing to do is hang out at the mall.
Guy: Hey are you from Staten Island?
White Kid from SI: Yeah Yo! This place is Gawd awful son. I am wearin' my Fubu and I's be goin' to the mall lata'.
viết bởi Seanzie 13 Tháng tư, 2004