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A term used to describe someone who knows the lingo of all the real warriors, killers, and violence slingers... but has never really actually lived that lifestyle. One who has probably got some buddies or some mundane connections to that world and uses those befuddled connections to gain just enough knowledge to sound a little credible on the subject to others like him on blogs and such. The term is a play on words of the phrase " steely eyed killer" which is a way to desciribe those who are or who have lived the life of performance of violence and warriorship on demand.

Vague martial arts credentials, hazy claims of SEAL knowledge, LARPING and queer adoration for all things spec ops (without actually being spec ops) are definitely signs that you are dealing with a steely eyed poser. Or a 14 year old boy.
Blogger A- " Wow I did this blog. This guy is real high speed and he sounds just like those guys from the Predator movie. A real steely eyed killer, ya know?

Blogger B- "No, I bet he paints dolls and SEAL action figures. Probably more like a steely eyed poser."
viết bởi jrfwhoamreallymlk 23 Tháng ba, 2010
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