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This hater goes beyond the "normal" limits of a level 1 hater. A super hater will not feel happy in life until he/she has sabotaged your character, relationships, vehicles, jobs etc. This hater is dangerous. Defensive action is necessary against these types of haters. Super haters{superus haterai} live in extreme conditions. For example, if you happened to be in a super haters car on the freeway and expressed that you were cold, they would roll all the windows down even if they were cold too. These "people" cannot feel happiness for another person. They are psychologically scarred from events in their lives that were hateristically traumatic. The best way to spot a super hater is to read the signs. If you meet a person and they begin to tell you negative things about another person that you don't even know, chances are, you have encountered a super hater. Exercise extreme caution with this individual. Never tell a super hater good news, current achievements, stories of success, sexual conquests, or anything that has to do with you rising up in the world.
super hater-"goddammit!!! i can't stand that son of bitch!!!!

person- "what did he do to you?"

super hater- "he had sex with katie and i really like her!!"

person- "maybe if you were not such a mothafuckin super hater, you would have had a chance!!!"

superhater- "screw you pal!!"

super haters thoughts- "maybe i will just key his new car, that'll show him, yeah!!!!!"
viết bởi young tut 02 Tháng ba, 2008
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