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Means on point or on deck
That party last night was turnt up!
viết bởi BTBTheProducer 05 Tháng chín, 2009
458 657
- thee act of getting drunk and high to thee highest degree
- getting loose {whether that be just being wild or engaging in sexual activity}
shanay got supper turnt up at thee party last night.
viết bởi KayBee{LD} 18 Tháng mười, 2008
2697 1107
Turnt:A state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics,also being happy and excited and energetic! And Or Having Fun Verb.

The Term Started In Los Angeles,California in late 2007
"Man Bro That Party Was TURNT UP LAST NIGHT"

" Girl My Nigga Finna COme Over And He TURNT UP"

" Aye Brodie Can You Drive Im To TURNT UP"
viết bởi The W/S RoLlN 40s! 23 Tháng một, 2009
1310 1042
drunk, wasted or otherwise impaired
I never go to Denny's past 2am unless I am turnt up
viết bởi MrL3@n 13 Tháng mười một, 2010
913 794
"Fucked up" to the limits; Completely intoxicated; The act of getting drunk and high to the highest degree.
I'm All The Way Turnt Up
viết bởi prerunnerboy117 03 Tháng mười, 2013
145 122
to get drunk or to get excited about something.
let's go get a bottle and get turn't up tonight...
viết bởi Pro-verb 20 Tháng mười hai, 2008
110 94
(superlative/adjective) turnt up- The act of altering one's state of mind with one or many substance(s).

(present/past tense) turnt over- Being in a state of intoxication beyond comprehension, usually accompanied by puking or passing out.

(subjunctive) turnt around- Once one is turnt over, he must then be 'turnt around' in order to continue partying in an acceptable manner.
"Rob, you so turnt up, you turnt ova nigga. You needa get yo-self turnt around."
viết bởi weldonla 10 Tháng hai, 2014
13 12
phrase coined by Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa that basically means to go HAM at a party, usually while intoxicated.
Brian: "What's up? Did you go to Dave's party last night?"

Zack: "Hell yeah, man I was so turnt up!"
viết bởi mr1o3 23 Tháng sáu, 2013
230 234