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A trendy, upscale North Eastern to far North Eastern affluent housing development section in Albuquerque, NM which costs well into the hundreds of thousands to own. The residents are well educated, rounded, proper, younger suburban working professionals who obtained a degree from a University like UNM. They are very progressive oriented mostly believing a well rounded education is the key to a bright, peaceful and prosperous future. Many might drive a clean looking Toyota 4Runner; Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Denali or simliar makes of vehicles but no one type of vehicle will guarantee they are the wealthy upscale type even a lexus. Some people here will try and project wealth(cloning the upscale people) with a Chrysler 300c which has increasingly become more popular also. Nob Hill in Albuquerque is known social hang out spot for these people and known as 'sNobb Hill' by some which is directly across from the University of New Mexico. Uptown Albuquerque is a more recent development also geared towards these upscale types but the success has been questionable up to this point in time due to location. Certain places downtown on weekends can also be a trendy upscale hangout spot like the Library. Despite all the economic differences from economically disadvantaged to trendy upscale most appreciate Albuquerque for it's diversity and peaceful relaxing lifestyle.
A redneck moves from a more crude socio-economically disadvantaged town to discover a lot of wealthy, trendy elite type of individuals in the city. He wonders what all this confusion is about what is going on here. He is watching the news one night and the news reporter refers to these trendy people or places as 'upscale' so he now has a word to describe the progressive attitude he has seen.
viết bởi hongestguy87110 23 Tháng bảy, 2009

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