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The "High Desert" as some may call it. A breeding ground for tweakers and mullets.
"If you tweak you must be from victorville".
viết bởi Adamama 25 Tháng bảy, 2006
Also Known As: Victimville. Full of gangstas (black and white).

Lots and LOTS of crime, graffiti, Wiggers, cactus, and people with no teeth.

While In Victorville, I felt dirty.
viết bởi Yo Mamaaa 30 Tháng bảy, 2006
The worst most boring fucking city in America. Its full of lame drug users, hood rats, river rats, desert rats, lames, cholos sin barrio etc.
Mike: Man its fucking boring today.
Me: Fuck it dawg as long as we aint in Victorville no hay pedo.
viết bởi Kawmik 26 Tháng một, 2011
A former, small town in the California desert on the way to Vegas.
Used to be full of retired/current military personnel and old folks.
Now it's synonymous with OC and LA county transplants who were too poor to boss anyone around in their former cities and now use this area to feel more smug about themselves.
Longtimer-I've been in Victorville since I was 4 years old, you?

Newcomer-Oh, I sold my house in Newport Beach and moved up here last year with the wife and kids.
Lots of land, but nothing to really do up here except spend money.

Longtimer- Yeah, the demand for cheap housing took all the fun, free stuff away.
viết bởi bentstrider 10 Tháng bảy, 2009
The most corrupt city in the High Desert. The city that residents of Hesperia and Apple Valley fear of becoming. Jon Roberts lead the demise of the city with the help of Terry Caldwell and other councilmen.
Dang! I hope Apple Valley doesn't blow 12 million bucks on a shitty clubhouse like Victorville.
viết bởi dennis1945 27 Tháng mười một, 2009
A boom and bust town off the 15 freeway in north San Bernardino county, California. The city was built as a trade route along route 66 and then again during WW2 with the air base. Since the late 1980's Victorville has experienced 3 distinct booms and busts.

Cycle 1: 1987-1996
In the late 1980's inco homes and other builders broke ground around the newly built mall of victorvalley. The residents at this time were old timers who lived there from the 30's to 70's and the newcomers who moved from down the hill or other southern CA counties.

Cycle 2: 2003-2008
The end of the 1990's or between 2002-2007 brought a new wave of home builders and expansion to the city and greatly increased its size. Unfortunately the people who bought homes relied on low gas prizes, easy credit and no doc. mortgages to buy homes. This new wave came from Los Angeles and many other troubled cities in Southern CA to the High Desert.

Cycle 3: 2009-2011
The current cycle from 2008-2011 consists of the remaining population who found some way to survive in the High Desert who did not lose their home and has some type of good job in the area and also investors and new wealth from outside the area that can afford to live in the high desert and take advantage of the property bargains.
Victorville was a decent place to live while the Air Base was in operation and in the late 1990's.
viết bởi anonymous32415432642 27 Tháng bảy, 2011
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