An 80's term for a blunt, cigar, or cigarette that has been dipped in liquid pcp, heron, or acid.
Now refered to as a Shermstick
"Hit the wetstick Carl."
San Andreas
viết bởi Lucca Brassi 26 Tháng ba, 2009
Top Definition
Usually a black malboro more 150 cigarette dipped in embalming fluid laced with pcp. Repeated use causes delerium, psychosis, strange hallucinations, adrenaline rush, paranoia, demonic possesed behavior, and temporary superhuman strenth. Fun stuff.
Binjun smoked some wet sticks and flipped out and kicked his winshield out of his car and dangled over the edge of the bridge.
viết bởi thatniggaS_A_L 15 Tháng một, 2008
The "Wet Stick" is the act of redeeming ones self from giving a "Dry Stick" earlier. Giving a "Wet Stick" is finishing the story or tale from which the starting was told during the "Dry Stick" period. This results in a full usually embarassing story of the story-teller.
Nigel : "Chea son my finga was all up in her... naw naw chill I can't speak dat s'way too dank"

Frank : "Come on yo.. brah don't play me dat dry stick"

Nigel : "Alright, good fellow my phalanges and metacarpal bones ended up on the interior side of her tea cup, what an magisterial egregious sticky wicket!"

Frank : "Since you have completed your tale, you have henceforth Wet my Stick, I will be forever indebted to you. For giving thyne sweet Wet Stick is deserving of a great prize of eternal gratitude. My gift to you is 500 schellings and 12 earth mana, this will give you a chance at a better tomorrow. Farwell Nigel, God Speed."

*Rides into the Sunset//Fades to Black*

Yes this is just two characters nothing changes but the language from a sort of ebonics to high class proper english with added theatrics at the end.
viết bởi Mike B and Dave S 30 Tháng một, 2008
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