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Someone who has trouble playing with the Nintendo Wii. Someone who breaks something with the Wiimote.
He broke the T.V. with the Wiimote. He is Wiitarded.
viết bởi Billeh1234 29 Tháng mười một, 2006
325 126
The inability to comprehend or play the nintendo wii. A condition that affects hand/eye coordination.
Jimmy is wiitarded. He cant even break 100 in bowling.
viết bởi sizzalean 01 Tháng hai, 2007
38 10
A label used to define an individual that is incapable of playing a Nintendo Wii with any amount of skill. Their coordination and kinetic abilities are so insufficient that they are laughed out of any Wii playing session.
" Hey! Gary hit himself in the balls with the Wii-mote again! He's so goddamn wiitarded. "
viết bởi J Lau 22 Tháng mười hai, 2006
47 20
The act of getting down with the Wii until it gets Wii-Tarded up in here.
Grant: Yo nigs, where you at?
Patrick: I'm getting Wii-Tarded!!!!!


Grant: Shit is mad gay.
Patrick: Nu-uh you're gay.
viết bởi Gpopper. 04 Tháng ba, 2010
5 2
someone who blames the nintendo company for the distruction of thier tv due to the throwing of a wiimote
" Did you hear about those people in the news sueing nintendo? They are so Wiitarded."
Example uses wiitarded in a sentence.

viết bởi ~Alex ~ 31 Tháng ba, 2008
8 5
using other system's controllers like a Wii-mote
Dude, you look Wii-tarded waving that Xbox360 controller around.
viết bởi Marcus White 27 Tháng mười một, 2007
5 2
Smoking blunts and playing Wii.
Let's get wiitarded after work today.
viết bởi K. Rugg 26 Tháng mười hai, 2008
7 5