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to "play" them is to practice Phlebotomy, or to cut oneself
I saw some girl playing the wrist violins in the back of Hot Topic.
viết bởi Chimp Chimp The Monkey Pimp 06 Tháng sáu, 2005
When A Person Decides To Cut His/Her Wrist Many Times Back/Forth & In/Out.
Billy gets dumped by his girlfriend, so he goes home and starts playing the wrist violin.
viết bởi Mark Ryan G. 09 Tháng một, 2008
A slang term for someone cutting their wrists, as it appears like someone playing a violin with their veins as the string and the blade as the bow.
Not to be confused with the gesture of the same name.
"I didn't see Jeremy today. He's probably in his room, playing the ol' Wrist Violin to Linkin Park."
viết bởi Muaka 27 Tháng sáu, 2009